About Us


Hi, my name is Frank and I am the owner of Fitdesire.com. Fitdesire.com, In common with many of life’s events, was born of necessity. After being involved in a major auto accident (a head-on collision) me being the driver of the semi truck, (driver of the car being at fault) that left me with a broken neck and back and no income, I was forced to search for another method of making a living. However, unlike most solutions born of necessity, Fitdesire.com, as you will see, is my passion.

Although I suffered some life-long, body-restricting injuries, the doctors and I believe that the fitness regimen I was involved with prior to my accident prevented things from being a lot worse.

Because my high level of fitness was initially instrumental in my survival and subsequently aided my healing, I have come to feel a desire to help others achieve a higher level of fitness in their lives. So you see, although my initial push was to provide an income for myself and my family, my motivation and passion comes from personal experience. With that said, my plan when starting this website was simple:

(1) Find high-quality equipment that will perform as intended without failure “out of the box” as well as in the future,

(2) Sell the equipment at a fair price that encourages the customer to return to Fitdesire.com for all of their fitness-related needs and,

(3) Provide the customer with service that demonstrates our commitment to your satisfaction and success. We may not be able to please everyone all of the time, but our goal is to make you, our customer, feel that you are entering a relationship that will improve your performance and the effectiveness of your workouts and, most of all, enhance your life.

At FitDesire.com you can expect to get the value you deserve without any unpleasant surprises. In fact, we believe that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase and will never want to shop anywhere else again for your exercise equipment needs!

We carry a full line of high-quality exercise equipment from some of the industry’s leading manufactures so we can be your one-stop fitness store that can deliver all of your fitness needs.

Be sure to stay tuned so you can start using this website to not only buy high-quality exercise equipment you need, but also to learn about how you can stay healthy by reading our article section.