Exercise Bike Buyer's Guide

An exercise bike is an efficient and reliable way of losing weight while improving fitness. One major reason why the exercise bikes are popular among many beginners is the fact that they put one in control of their training by allowing for adjustment as one progresses. Exercise bikes are good for the lungs, heart, the upper body, abdomen, legs and hips. This guide explores the different Exercise bikes available including information that will be critical in selecting the bike that best suits your fitness objectives.

Exercise bikes come in five categories: the upright stationary, recumbent stationary, dual action stationary, indoor cycles and the interactive Exercise bikes.

Stationary Exercise Bikes

Stationary Exercise bikes are the most common type of exercise bikes. They mirror the traditional bike as having an upright bicycle pedal and upright seat. This makes it more suitable for persons who enjoy an outdoor biking experience. This bike usually is not fitted with many supporting features, but usually has basics such as the resistance adjustment and the distance tracking. This model is the most popular of all the bike models.

Recumbent stationary Exercise Bikes

Recumbent Exercise bike takes the chair-like formation with back seats and large seats and is best for persons who like some bit of comfort as they exercise. It comes with additional features displaying calories burnt, distance covered, speed and the heart rate.

Dual-Action Stationary Exercise Bikes

The Dual-action Stationary exercise bike is an excellent choice for people who want to focus on a full body workout focusing on the lower body and the cardiovascular. They are somehow similar to elliptical in that they have handle back that can be moved back and forward during pedaling. Most of the models are upright although recumbent models do exist.

Indoor cycles

Indoor cycle popularity is linked to the introduction of spinning classes in gyms and health spas. These bicycles resemble exercise bikes the only difference being its mechanical component. Although, resistance levels can be adjusted, it has a more rigorous workout compared to other bicycles. They are usually basic in design lacking consoles and other features available in other exercise bicycles.

Interactive Exercise Bikes

Interactive Exercise bikes are the most advanced type of bike as it allows trainers to combine the benefits of technology with those of a healthy workout. This bike can be customized to have inbuilt televisions, computers and music players. Trainers have the ability of choosing the computer generated programs geared towards ensuring that the trainer achieves a comprehensive workout. This bike is available in both interactive and recumbent models. Due to additional features, this exercise is more expensive.

What to look for when buying an exercise Bike

The Display

Go for an exercise bike that has clear display features which are easy to use. A good display feature should have the following: Calories burnt, heart rate, revolutions per minute (RPM), distance and time covered.

Pre- Programming

A good exercise bike is one that has pre-programmed features that enables you to gain fitness progressively depending on your fitness level, gender, age and weight.

The Resistance level

Resistance is what brings out the desired results. Go for bikes that have easy to adjust resistance levels. The best resistance is the magnetic resistance as it provides a smooth rise and electronic adjustment and has frictionless peddling providing more benefits compared to the air, flywheel and direct tension resistance.


Like all exercise equipment, safety should be paramount. Look for a bike that has safe clearance i.e. having a safe distance for mounting and dismounting.


Size matters a lot when it comes to exercise bikes, whereas it is possible to adjust the size, it is important to pick a bike that fits your workout room properly. If you have limited space, consider purchasing an upright bike as it occupies less space.

Before buying an Exercise Bike

Before buying an exercise bike, you need to do the following:

Test the Exercise bike Stability

This will enable you know if the bike is right for you with respect to your weight and height.

Check the warranty

Nearly all exercise bikes come with a warranty. Only buy bikes with at least one year warranty. Go for warranties that offer both labor and parts warranties.

Listen if there is excessive Noise

Some exercise bike produces excessive noise especially those that use air resistance. This can be a bother as it provides distraction by interfering with your music or reading if you prefer doing so while exercising.

Final thought

Does this exercise guide fit my fitness goals and budget?

This is perhaps the most important question to ask yourself when deciding when to buy an exercise bike. Once you have answer this question, get the best bike exercise and work it out. All the best in your in this path to achieve fitness.