Stay Motivated, Stay Fit

Set some goals

The first thing you need is to set some clear goals that you want to achieve. But the trick is to remember to start off with simple goals and when you start seeing results, you may progress to tougher ones. But one thing which most people fail to do is keep their goals realistic and achievable. Never burden yourself with goals you can’t achieve because this way you’ll fail before you start and you’ll get nothing but disappointment and frustration

Good advice for beginners

For example, if you’re just starting at the gym, for some it can be a little intimidating seeing all those guys with all those bulging biceps and big chest lifting a lot of weights. And for the new women that are just starting at the gym seeing that other female who a lot of the guys are complimenting.

Remember, they were once where you’re at now so don’t get hung up on that because that’s typically one reason why most people don’t stay with it long enough to see any results.

So once you get past that you’re on your way, but now you’re not exactly sure on what type of workout you should be doing whether you’re male or female,

1). One would be to ask a certified trainer at that gym for some advice for beginners.

2). There are tons of articles on the internet for different workout programs that are available and it’s free advice.

3). Maybe consider asking a close friend who might be into working out for some advice.

4). you’ve heard that saying that if you stick with something for 21 days straight, it becomes a habit. There is some truth to that. Try it! Most of the time you’ll find that if you can keep it up for 21 days and then you quit, then it will bug the heck out of you and you’ll be more motivated to go back and continue.

For most people who start working out and stay with it, they start to see good improvement after 3 months. And when you think about it, 3 months flies by. Another way to look at it is you had to stick with going to school for 12 YEARS!!! And for most of you, you made it and some even went further. Point made!

Make it fun

If you’re spending hours in gym and you’re getting bored of the same routine then you need to add a little spice to your routine. You can start listening to music while doing workouts. You might also alternate your indoor workouts with outdoor activities like running or some games like volleyball etc. Always keep on trying new things and try to discover your hidden talents.

Make it a part of your routine

The most important thing you need to do is to give more importance to your personal health. The problem is people are more worried about paying bills and making money than they are for their health. You need to learn to take some time for your body and its fitness as well. Schedule your exercises same as you would schedule your routine chores.

Join forces with friends or neighbors

Workouts are more fun when you’re doing them with your friends or neighbors or someone you know. So, invite your friends or neighbors to join you in your workouts.

Reward yourself

When you’ve achieved your set goals, you can reward yourself to boost you commitment to your fitness routine. For example, you can reward yourself with a new pair of shoes when you’ve achieved a goal of losing 5 pounds.