How the Paleo Diet Works

If you have a keen interest in current fitness and diet patterns then you must have heard about Paleo diet. It’s also known as Paleolithic diet or caveman diet. Dieticians call it a revolutionary diet. Most of the people think of Paleo diet as a diet restricted to fat loss.

People think of it as a miracle pill that would make them slim in no time. But there is more to it. The health benefits of Paleo diet extend far beyond just weight loss and sleek body. Paleo diet significantly improves the health of your heart, boosts the normal function of thyroid, helps alleviate allergies, provides a way to manage diabetes and provides a cure for insomnia and autoimmune disorders.

But what makes Paleo diet so special? How does this diet regime work? Is it really effective or another way to rob you of your money? Your brain would be flooded with all these questions by now. Let me explain to you in a very simple way that how Paleo diet works.

What are its major ingredients and how those ingredients benefit you? All you need to do is read the text to follow.

Principles of Paleo Diet:

Paleo diet is based on the eating habits of our ancestors. The history of this diet goes as back as several thousand years. There were no super markets or fast food restaurants at that time. The diet was either derived from hunting animals or was gained through cultivation of vegetables and fruits.

All the dieting then was natural and eating that diet gave the people of primitive era their sleek and healthy bodies. Paleo diet is also designed based on these principles. Paleo diet contains following major ingredients:

The first thing this diet puts focus on is proteins. Proteins are extremely essential for our bodies. They are the source of essential amino acids for building up the muscles of our bodies and also serve as a source of energy.

Paleo diet is rich in proteins but the protein in this diet is derived from sources like chicken, beans, pea and fish instead of beef and mutton. Mutton and beef, although are the best source of proteins, are also very rich in harmful saturated fatty acid and cholesterols.

The second most important ingredient of this diet contains is carbohydrates or simply carbs. Paleo diet put more focus on complex carbs instead of simple ones. Why so? The explanation is quite simple.

Simple carbs, as their name indicated, have a simple structure. When you consume such carbs, they’re absorbed as such from your gut and lead to an increase in the level of sugar in your blood. In response to that elevated amount of sugar, your body starts making high level of a hormone called “Insulin”.

When Insulin levels rise, it tends to decrease the level of sugar in blood by first converting it into glycogen. But if the sugar is superfluous, Insulin is left with no other choice but to convert this sugar into fat. And this is where all the problems start. Increased fats lead to weight gain, poor heart health and so forth.

How do complex carbohydrates help then? Well, complex carbs, as their name indicates, have a complicated structure. Before they can be taken from the stomach, they need to be converted into simple sugars by your stomach enzymes.

This process needs some time and thus the sugars are released into the blood very slowly. When the levels of sugar in the blood increase slowly, the levels of Insulin doesn’t increase and fats are not formed consequently.

Most people think of fats as bad for health. Whenever they hear of fats, they consider it a bad news. This is not totally correct. Yes, to some extend fats are bad for health. But the unhealthy fats are saturated fats.

These fats accumulate in the body leading to an increase in body weight. Moreover, these fats along with cholesterol accumulate in blood vessels increasing the risk of heart attacks. But there is another side to the picture.

Unsaturated fats, on the other hand, are very beneficial for health. They are natural anti-oxidants that actually help decrease the level of saturated and unhealthy fats from the body. Paleo diet is rich in such fats.

Paleo diet puts an absolute restriction on processed food products, an addition, Paleo diet is also very rich in essential Vitamins like Vitamin A, E, B and C. It also contains several important minerals like iron, copper, zinc and selenium. But it is low in sodium as sodium increase blood pressure.