Home Gym Buyer's Guide

Throw in work, fuel cost, exorbitant membership fees, sudden changes in weather and the need to travel to and from the gym. These are some of the factors that prevent regular gym attendance. Missing out on the gym means that your desire for a perfect body or fitness will inevitably hit a snag.

One solution to remedy this is by having a Home gym. A home gym considerably cuts down cost in the long-term. You only need to have self-discipline and a dedication to exercise regularly.

That said, getting the right gym equipment can be confusing for inexperienced persons. If you are such kind of person, this guide will lessen the burden on you and hopefully, you will be better informed as plan to set up your home gym.

Getting started: what to consider.

Your fitness Goals

Fitness goals vary. There are some of us who like to develop bulging muscles, develop stamina, and improve on the cardiovascular or simply to lose weight. If your goal is gaining muscles, resistance equipment is more desirable compared to cardiovascular equipment and vice versa. Never settle for a gym that does not live to your expectations; it defeats the effort of trying it out


The Initial budget of might is expensive. However, this is not the rule. You can slow growing your home gym by addition of training equipment until when you have a complete gym. To start with buy what you can afford and what is necessary first.


For proper training, you need space. Your machine also needs space. If you are planning to purchase material such as treadmills or a multi-purpose equipment then makes sure that you get the right space.


We all like to see results, don’t we? There is nothing as more frustrating as hitting the gym without noticing any results. One cause of this is wrong exercise techniques and wrong type of exercise equipment. Do your research well, before committing to buy. Avoid equipment that promises wonders in days. If the deal is too sweet, think twice.

What you should avoid

The right home gym should be comfortable and inviting. However, if you are not careful with the quality of material you purchase, it can be a hazardous place and can lead to injuries. To avoid such pitfalls, avoid the following

Cheap materials

Cheap is expensive in the long-run. Need I say more?

Machine difficult to assemble

Before taking the machine home, make sure you know how to assemble it comfortably. Ask all the relevant questions too. A poorly assembled material is dangerous. If you cannot master the assembly, pay for it to be done for you.

Used equipment not inspected

Many people dispose there old gym equipment with a view of buying new ones mainly because they no longer perform to optimum capacity. Such equipment is often cheap and attractive to inexperienced users. To know if you are buying the right equipment, seek the advice of an expert or an experienced user.

Types of Home Gym

Depending on your fitness goals, the following are some useful training equipment you can have in your home gym.

Single Stack Gym

The Single Stack Gym is suitable for strength training, weight loss and toning. It has adjustable weights increased by simple insertions. It does not occupy a big space and is suitable for trainers with limited space. It can only be used by one user at a time.

Double Stack Gym

A Double Stack Gym can be used by two users at a time. It gives an array of strength exercises such as bench press, shoulder press, mid-row exercises. It is also suitable for people with limited spaces who like training in two.

Multi-stack Gym

The Multi-Stack Gym is large and requires plenty of space compared to the single and double stack gym. Before making this purchase, it is imperative that you know the exact space that the machine will occupy. Depending on the model, it can provide 10 to 15 different exercise routines. Its assembly can be complicated, and professional help is often required to get the pieces together.

Strength Machines and Free weights

If you desire to look slim, fit and attractive then strength machines are the way to go. It is also recommended for people living with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. The best strength machine is to buy is what which corresponds to your weight, gender, and experience.

By definition, free weights are weight that has no attachment and are great for toning the body. Examples of free weights include Kettle bells, dumbbells, and Barbells.  Such weights are usually fits and are a perfect way of building a home gym for persons with limited budget.

Smith Machines

If you want to build big muscles, they you need to get a Smith machine. This machine has a versatile working technique geared towards building more muscles. These machines are targeted to serious weight lifters and are relatively expensive. One of the greatest attribute of this machine is its safety feature.