Workouts for Men

Health is the major component of our lives, yet ignored by most. We want to look fit and live a healthy life. However, we do not put much effort into it. Due to electronic revolution, we have almost left physical activities completely.

Some of us really try to make the most out of the little time they have. People join gyms. They wake up early in the morning; earlier than usual. They drive to the gym, rather than walking. Moreover, when they are in gym, what next? They are blank! They try some pushups, some pull ups, and then men’s most favorite exercise, the bench press! That’s it. They don’t even do it properly. The results are quite disappointing; soreness from joints and tendons and “lost-ambition” instead of being fit and healthy.

We are here to guide you through this difficulty and help you attain the body you have always desired. It’s not that difficult. All you need is determination and proper guidance. We’ll talk about best exercises for men, which can help them reach their peak potential.

Flat Bench Press:

Chest is the most-focused part of body in bodybuilding! It’s no exaggeration that a well-built chest makes you look good if you are wearing a suite or walking in your swim wear. There are a number of exercises for chest but the best of all these is bench press. This exercise gives huge gains, if done properly.

Lie down on the bench and hold the bar with both hands in a wide grip. Each hand must be about 4 to 5 inches away from shoulder joint. Slowly lower the bar to center of chest. Never bounce the bar from the chest. You may get injured. Now slowly lift it but don’t lock elbows at the top. Just before locking at top, bring the bar down and then keep repeating. It’s best if you do it slowly. Slow reps are most beneficial.

Close-Grip Bench Press:

It’s a bench press, but it’s not the normal bench press. It works the triceps muscles primarily, (Chest & shoulder muscles, secondary.  This is the best exercise for triceps. Remember, if you want to make your arms look big, you need to train triceps more. Triceps give most of the size to arms. It also trains your pectoral or chest muscles.

The advantage of this exercise is that it works the whole muscle perfectly. No triceps workout plan is complete without it. One of the ways to do this is you need a flat bench and a barbell. Lie on the bench and hold the bar in the middle with your hands about 3 to 5 inches apart from each other. Your hands should be touching the smooth part of barbell.

Hold it tightly. Now slowly lower the bar to middle of your chest. Then slowly lift it but don’t lock your elbows at the top. This is very important that you move your arms slowly. Too fast with this motion will not get the desired results and do more harm than good. Also avoid any kind of jerking during this lift.

Standing Barbell Curls:

This is the best exercise for biceps. Biceps are used all day for all kinds of pulling motion. Therefore, it’s important that you must have strong bicep muscles. Well-developed biceps give a nice look to your overall physique. You should include this exercise in your training program.

This exercise works the whole bicep muscle. This exercise also helps in strengthening shoulder joints. Hold the barbell with both your hand at about shoulder-width apart. Now hang the barbell. Slowly lift it by keeping your arms and shoulders steady. Do not use your body’s momentum to help you lift it.

Slowly lift it in a semi-circle up to your neck’s height. Now slowly lower it, again by keeping your shoulders and upper arms steady. Don’t be hasty. It’s more beneficial if you do it slowly and steadily. If you add too much weight to your bar, you may not be able to lift it in proper way. So, use weight according to your strength. Don’t feel shy in using little weight. If you do it properly, your strength will increase quite fast.

Wide-Grip Pull-ups:

If you want to lift more weight, you must have a strong back. A well-developed back gives you the muscular look you’ve always dreamed about. A strong back helps in other exercises as well.

Wide grip pull-ups help you build a strong back as well as strong shoulders and biceps. You don’t need any special equipment for this exercise. Just hang on to something and pull yourself up. However, it may not be so easy or almost impossible for beginners. Asking your friends for help is a good idea when beginning this exercise. These help beginners learn this exercise really well while using a spotter to develop good form.

Make sure you hold the bar so wide that each of your hand is about 4 inches apart from shoulder. Do it slowly. If you can’t pull-up slowly, or even can’t pull-up (for beginner), you should move down slowly. Go up fast (with help) but come down slow (without help). Do as many reps as you can in every set.


Many people don’t train legs. This is very unfortunate and it will ultimately lead to thin, skinny and despicable legs. You should never skip legs training.

The squat is proven to be one of the most difficult exercises. (If not performed in the strictest form can result in severe injury to the back). Mainly lower back. To perform the squat, just hold the bar on your traps (You may want to use a 12 inch foam cover on the bar to act as a soft padding when using very heavy weights) and with your feet apart a little wider then shoulder width.

To start the squat, lower yourself  to a 90 degree angle as if you’re getting ready to sit on a chair, then with your back straight, start to drive upward using your legs only and not your back muscles until you’re at the standing position. Then repeat for 10 reps.  Moving too fast may cause an injury. Don’t go to deep below the 90 degree angle unless you are experienced in this exercise.  Keep it moderate and do not use too much weight.

Use as much weight as you can control in the strict form. Using a belt to train the back to stay in a straight line so you’re not hunched over would be a wise choice. Some people may even choose to use knee wraps for even more support for the knees. Although this is not mandatory for everyone, some people have found them to be beneficial.