Rowing Machine Buyer's Guide

You have probably watched the Olympic Games rowing competition or the famed rowing competition between Oxford and Cambridge universities. What is apparent among the athletes is the almost effortless way through which they slice through the water. Achieving such standards cannot be done in a day, but it takes time and effort to achieve such high standards and there is no better way of doing of working to such a level than working with a rowing machine.

The rowing machine is an excellent strength building machine that effectively works out all muscle arms, legs back, and Quadriceps Gluteus Maximus and muscles of the core. The rowing machine has very low impact on body joints and perfectly fits trainers with joint problems. Getting a row machine is easy, but getting the Rowing machine that suits you perfectly requires some bit of homework.

The rowing machine used by your friend or what you see on T.V may not be the best for you. What you see being advertised in infomercials might not deliver the results you much crave for. This is why we have prepared this guide to give you a wider knowledge on what to look for when looking for a rowing machine.

Consider the following when buying a Rowing Machine....... The Resistance Rowing machines have the following types of resistance: air, piston, water and magnetic.

Air resistance, This machine has a large flywheel having a fan blade. The user moves the fan by pulling the rower handles creating a wind resistance. This machine has the benefit of creating a breeze that is quite useful when things heat up. Resistance is increased by the speed of the row. Certain models are customized you give you power of increasing the resistance levels.

Piston Resistance.... The piston resistance model is the most affordable rowing machine. Resistance is generated by a hydraulic piston connected to the rower handle. Some models have been customized to allow the user to adjust the resistance levels.

Water Resistance..... Water provides the resistance in this model. It has enclosed water that paddle suspended inside the water. As the rower handle is pushed, the paddle cycles in the water creating the resistance.

Magnetic Resistance Electromagnets provide resistance in this machine. They do this by slowing down the main flywheel which in turn makes the user work hard if they want to maintain the momentum. They produce very little noise during the motions. These machines not as portable as other machine and thus is not recommended for persons with limited space. Your Budget Like most training equipment, you will get what you are willing to spend. Your budget should act as a guide of which model you are going to buy. Cheaper models are not necessarily inferior and will meet your objectives if you exercise properly. Low ends rowing machines are those below $400 dollars while high end machines retails at over $700.

Users, If you plan to use the rowing machine with the rest of family of friends, it is imperative to look for a machine that has a wide array of resistance level to accommodate this variation. Warranty Also go for a machine that offer both parts and labor warranties for at least one year. Some quality manufactures offer warranties lasting up to three years.

What to look for in a Rowing machine..... The frame.... The most common materials used in making the frame are aluminum, stainless steel and hardwood. Aluminum is light and strong and is recommended for those who want flexibility is moving the machine. The console: The right console should have at least the following: ability to track calories burnt, time recorder. If you are a professional athlete, you can get a roving machine with complex functionality to measure your progress.

Weight limit Rowing machines are available in different weight limits. To get the best out of a rowing machine, look for a machine that corresponds to your weight & size. You definitely will not want to buy a rowing machine that does not fit to your workout area. The amount of space you have should always act as a guide. To avoid such pitfalls. Measure the size of your room before committing to buy.

Final thought A rowing machine is an excellent training partner. Those who have tried have never looked back. Understanding the right way of using rowing machines will definitely deliver results that you will be proud of in the long run.

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