Usually, women are more conscious about their health and fitness than men. They always try to eat a healthy diet. However, processed food makes you fat no matter how less you eat. As long as you are eating this junk, you are at the risk of getting fat.

Like men, women like to look fit and sexy. Most women are afraid of lifting weights. Some fear, they might start looking like Ronnie Coleman, “Gross!” says women. Some are just afraid and think that they are too delicate to lift heavy weights. Well, they’re all wrong. They are neither going to look like Ronnie nor weights are going to hurt their delicate bodies. Actually, it will make them look more fit and desirable.

I have prepared a list of workouts, which are most suitable for women. Any woman, who wants to get a smashing figure, should try these.


This exercise works muscles of legs. It’ll make your legs look more strong and attractive. There will be no more sag around the butt area. It will actually make it more firm.  Every girl must do these exercises.

Go to the squat rack, choose light weights. For beginners, try with empty barbell. Adding weights won’t help if you’re not doing them in good form. Place the bar behind the neck on the traps. (You may want to use a 12 inch foam cover on the bar to act as a soft padding when using very heavy weights for added comfort to the neck area) and with your feet apart a little wider then shoulder width.

To start the squat, lower yourself  to a 90 degree angle as if you’re getting ready to sit on a chair, then with your back straight, start to drive upward using your legs only and not your back muscles until you’re at the standing position. Then repeat for 10 reps.  Moving too fast may cause an injury. Don’t go to deep below the 90 degree angle.

Keep it moderate and do not use too much weight. Use as much weight as you can control in the strict form. Using a belt to train the back to stay in a straight line so you’re not hunched over would be a wise choice. Some people may even choose to use knee wraps for even more support for the knees. Although this is not a mandatory requirement, for some people it is beneficial.


To get a flat, strong belly, you need this exercise. This exercise works the entire core. It increases the core strength.

First, you need a flat surface. Lie down with your belly facing the ground and forearms resting on surface. Use toes to lift your legs. Now using only forearms and toes, keep you entire posture stationary. Your back shouldn’t be bent. If it’s bent, it’s useless. Stay in this position for about 20 seconds. Then as you get better, work your way up to holding this posture for 1 minute. Repeat this exercise for about 4 times every day.


In theory, it is more difficult for women to have well developed abs like men do. Typically because males have [less] abdominal fat than females [because] that's where estrogen likes to deposit fat and men have less estrogen then women, however that being said, women can indeed have well defined abs. Crunches is the best exercise for abs. It’s very effective if done properly.

Lie down on floor with your back on a mat. Bend your legs and put them in a V-shape. Put both of your hands at the back of neck. Now, using only abdomen’s strength, lift your body upwards, and towards your legs. Do it at a moderate speed. Slowly move back. Do 15 to 20 reps in a set.

Alternate Dumbbell Curls:

This exercise will build biceps’ strength along with shoulder support. Biceps are used frequently throughout the day for pulling motions. Therefore, it’s necessary to work these muscles. Also, they give a very good look to your arms.

Use dumbbells, which you can easily handle. Hold dumbbells in both hands. Sit on a chair with your back aligned with the back of chair. Now, slowly curl one dumbbell upwards, in a semi-circle, towards shoulder. Do not take it too high. Slowly bring it down. Now repeat same motion with second arm.

Remember, you need to keep upper arms and shoulders stationary during whole motion. Do not use your body’s momentum to help you lift the weights. Do it slowly. Fast motion will not help you as much as slow motion. Slower motion keeps the muscle contracted longer which is ideal for quicker results.


This exercise will work legs, especially gluteus muscle. Women understand how important it is to do this exercise. It is quite easy to do, and comes with great results.

Start with a pair of dumbbells in each hand weighing 10 to 20 pounds. Keeping your hands at your sides, start by taking a giant step forward with one leg and bend that leg at a 90 degree angle. Then in one motion, come back to your starting position where your feet are together. Repeat with each leg for 10 reps. don’t move legs to apart, that you face difficulty in getting back up in the starting position.

Bent-Over dumbbell rows:

Having a strong back is essential to your overall development if you want to keep fit. In any exercise, when you lift weights, you need your back’s support. This exercise helps you to work your back in an easy way. This exercise also works shoulders a little.

Using a bench, stand parallel to the bench on the right side of the bench. Place your left knee on the bench. Lean forward on the bench and place your left hand on the bench for support. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand, with your arm hanging straight down.

Keeping your back straight, bring the dumbbell up until your right arm is bent at a 90 degree angle keep your arm close to your body. Slowly bring the dumbbell back to the starting position and repeat for 10 reps. Repeat this exercise with the other arm for 10 reps. Remember that, you need to be very careful during this exercise.

Use strict form and do not bend your back too much. It can cause back injury. It is advisable to use a belt for supporting your back.